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“Where Service & Style Meet Excellence.”


Desiree by Design defines glamour and luxury; fashion history, tradition, and sophistication influenced by the Duchess Style of London Fashion, with a twist of NYC edge and 60’s fashion in mind.


Patton combines both traditional and experimental millinery techniques to create collectible pieces. She has a keen eye for couture details and uses the finest materials and quality finishings. Natural hand made designs are showcased in her collection and exemplify Patton’s commitment to excellence.


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desiree patton

About the brand

Desiree Patton - MEDIAKIT

Desiree Patton

Desiree L. Patton is a recognized African American designer and successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping people embrace their inner beauty so that they can look and feel their best. For over nine years, through image consulting and product creation, she has helped hundreds of individuals define their ideal style with her hair accessories, styling, and wellness services.

Patton has always been fascinated by clothes, color, vintage, accessories, and how they come together to bring a person’s image into harmony. Driven by her passion to serve, Patton attended and graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and received her undergraduate at York College (City University of New York) in Business Administration. She also is a proud member of the United Colors of Fashion (UCOF). Concurrently, studying for her Master’s Degree at Grand Canyon University in Special Education.

Patton’s unmistakable eye for bringing the right pieces together motivated her to build something that could impact lives every day. In 2011, she founded her company, Desiree’s Fashion Accessories, “Where Service & Style Meet Excellence.” Now known as Desiree by Design, elevating from mainly selling accessories, to now designing elegant, eye-catching hair adornments and other creations by God’s design. She likes to call herself a “one-stop-shop,” serving as a professional image consultant, fashion designer, and now master milliner. She also had the privilege of being mentored for two years under extraordinaire, Harriet Rosebud Millinery.

As an African American Woman, designer, and entrepreneur, her heart is deeply connected to her faith, heritage, and uplifting people. Milliner’s work is a unique skill of creating hats and is almost an extinct artform. But also a way to connect with people. As a master milliner, Patton has brought new life to this century-old craft and captivated her clients with breathtaking pieces; hand made, and unique. Patton only creates one of each wearable artwork, no duplicates, and makes custom orders mixed with vintage materials. Not only making each piece unique but making creation more challenging.

One of her most significant accomplishments was being creative director, visionary, and designer for a benefit fashion show themed, “Runway Glory.” Patton’s dreams and skills from FIT always inspired her to do something great, and as her first major production along with St. Stephen Outreach was a high success. Raising over 14K and bringing in upcoming, and hidden gem designers from within Brooklyn, NY. This work ethic and the much-celebrated event gave her the confidence to keep aiming high!

Her milliner work has been featured in New York City fashion shows, such as Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, Runway Glory, Jacob Javit’s Center “Circle of Sisters” Expo, The Great American Hat Show, WECT News and Cape Fear Weekend for a 2020 Vintage Fashion showcase, as a black-owned business highlighting Juneteenth and supporting #blacklivesmatter. Amongst a myriad of individual fashion presentations and trunk shows.

Patton was also nominated by The Milliners Guild to compete in their exclusive Milliner’s competition. In 2014, the United Colors of Fashion recognized Patton as Achiever of the year. Her intention with each piece is to bring together her client’s culture, needs, and personality into every hat or image consultation. Unlike many fashion designers, even after nearly a decade of creating hundreds of hats, each artistic piece of Patton handcrafts is one-of-a-kind. She currently has her designs sold in Blue Moon Gift Shops and Uptown Market in Wilmington, N.C. With hopes to bring her own design space in the city.

Patton gets her inspiration from the 1960’s fashion history. It brings together antique clothing, hats, and accessories to give a fresh new look to current fashion and inspire both men and women to highlight their individuality with each piece she creates. She calls it “vintage with a modern-day twist.” Her image consulting brings together the need to obscure physical weakness while bringing attention to her clients’ natural beauty and attributes.

Her goals and aspirations are to style the duchess and own an international salon in Paris, with Coco Chanel being her muse. While she continues to work and bring innovative and relevant pieces to the world. She believes, “All lives matter, and each person that I create a piece for becomes a work of art. Regardless of color.” Patton says, “We need to continue to learn how to live together and support and accept one another, just as we are.” Philippians 4:13

desiree by design

Desiree Patton

Desiree Patton
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Desiree by Design specializes in bespoke fascinators and unique wearable artwork that fits any occasion. Weddings, Church, Festivals, Destination, Special Events, or even every day.

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1734 Heatherstone Lane Wilmington, NC 28405

desiree by design
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