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Jim Fitzpatrick

United States

American multi-media artist Jim Fitzpatrick exhibits drawings and photographs that are rich in history, often depicting a still life sense in how he captures both animal and human subjects. His work is based on his memories, and metaphorical representations of famous figures in American culture. Fitzpatrick uses these moments to inspire concepts of inner peace and unity.


While he consistently selects bold, saturated colors, he makes sure they don’t overpower the people. Digitally altering some of his photographs and times evokes the notion of an abstract interpretation of his work. Fitzpatrick keeps alive the spectrum of emotions in life focusing on laughter, joy, and the lessons available when learning from the past.

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Jim Fitzpatrick bio

Fire Fighter Pose - Jim Fitzpatrick

Fire Fighter Pose – Jim Fitzpatrick

A self-taught master artist, photographer, and author Jim Fitzpatrick has held a wide variety of jobs and experiences that have brought insight and inspiration to his work. As a very shy kid, Fitzpatrick spent many hours alone in his room drawing. Growing up, he loved professional Roller Derby and some of his drawings reflected the passion that he later pursued. Living his dream, Fitzpatrick traveled the world with Roller Derby.  After injuries ended his professional skating career, opportunities kept arising drawing him back to the sport, first as a referee and later as coach and general manager of the World Champion San Francisco Bay Bombers.

Jim later became a fire fighter and a reserve police officer in his pursuit of serving for a time as the Acting Deputy Fire Marshal. After getting injured at fire he went through years of physical therapy and treatments to become more mobile. Through determination, working out, watching his posture and diet, Myofascial Release treatments, Prolotherapy Injections, and staying active Jim was given a life again! During that time, he returned to drawing and photography which greatly helped as a distraction from his chronic pain. Reinvigorated, he was inspired to reach out and help others struggling to find hope and purpose amid chronic pain or other difficulties. “Having art and photography to go back to, has been a blessing for me so I’d like to inspire others through my works and experiences! Before, I just wanted to create art because I loved to draw. Now, I want to make sure that with my art, I share a positive message, one that gives hope to others that they still have other opportunities or paths.”

In 2019, Jim received a special Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Jackie Speier for his art achievements, efforts to support others faced with chronic pain, and for his service as a firefighter. No stranger to recognition, Fitzpatrick has been selected by Art Tour International as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art for 7 years in a row and was also selected as one of their Top 20 Fine Art Photographers for 2017.  In 2020, he was selected as one of the ATIM Artists of the Decade and a recipient of the ARTYA Award.

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I survived several life changing ordeals, one in which I ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time with a guy onto top of me, pinning me down with a crowbar to my throat.

Fortunately, an old judo move kicked in and I was able to get safely away. The things he said, while I struggled to breath, made it clear he hated me because of the color of my skin. What he did was horrible, but it didn’t mean his entire race was.

Portraying all of one race or group by the actions of one bad individual kills open dialog and divides people. Fortunately, in an age of volatile headlines, hateful tweets, and negative soundbites an artist has a huge advantage. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’… and I want my thousand words to convey a world of hope, joy, and love!

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Jim Ffitzpatrick Roller Derby Collage

“Due to injuries I’ve sustained during my skating and firefighting careers I’ve been coping with chronic pain and mobility issues for years. I hope through my works and achievements to inspire others faced with chronic pain or other obstacles in their lives to fight on or in some cases move on. We need to be aware when one door in life closes there may be another door ready to open. The door to the world of creating art and photography has for me!”


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