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Maribel Matthews


Maribel Matthews is a Gibraltarian living in Gibraltar with her husband, children and grandchildren.


She has been a prominent figure in Gibraltar’s local art scene for many years, driven by passion for painting and inspired by the beauty of nature, the great architecture it encompasses and the versatility of man.

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Maribel Matthews

Maribel Matthews bio

Maribel Matthews

Maribel Matthews

Maribel has come a long way and both local and international press have recognised her work and achievements as an artist. Among artists she is well known for the masterful technique in her artwork.

Her painting ‘Trees in the Mist’ was highly commended at the Gibraltar International Exhibition 2005.
In 2007 the Alwani Foundation awarded Maribel the prize for her painting of ‘Casemates’.

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“Perhaps one day it will dawn on mankind that squandering our resources is not the answer and instead work in harmony with nature appreciating the beauty and grandeur of our world by caring for it as it should.”

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Maribel Matthews

“For me, painting is a necessity and has become my passion. I love starting a new piece – the anticipation and excitement of creating something new, something from the soul, a piece of art that may give pleasure to others but more importantly, fulfills me.”


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