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Patricia Karen Gagic

International Contemporary Artist, Award-Winning Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian.

Patricia Karen Gagic has dedicated her career to mastering the palette and technique from the great French Master “Dragan Dragic” and the Matisse palette. Her work is now dedicated to the Karmic Revolution which will be revealed in her artwork and books.

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About Patricia Karen Gagic

Patricia Karen Gagic

Patricia Karen Gagic has dedicated her career to mastering the Matisse palette and techniques from the great French Master “Dragan Dragic”. In 1999, Patricia began her solo mentorship studies with Dragic in Savoillan, France. It was her great honor to exhibit with him in Sault, France in 2008 with curation by Jean Pierre Thelcide.

Her work is dedicated to the Karmic Art Experience a program which will serve to inspire and empower those who have yet to find their brilliance, hidden behind fear by integrating hope. Through the transformative power of art and mindfulness, in collaboration with the mystery of wisdom and karma, perceptions will shift unlocking potential to create the best version of being and spirit and an intentionally extraordinary life. Patricia Karen Gagic DStG, ICA is an International Contemporary Artist, Award-Winning Author, Motivational Speaker, Visionary, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian. Her work is described as Transcendental Realism. Gagic has had a diverse and successful career not only as an artist, but also in banking and entrepreneurship. She was the founder of Kyralex and MLX Property Management, and is currently President of Patricia Karen Gagic Art Enterprise Inc., and is CFO of the Hamilton Vein Clinic. Patricia is passionate about giving back and is the Chief Visionary Officer/Co- Founder of Help Heal Humanity a not- for- profit organization dedicated to supporting and building schools and libraries in Haiti, Cambodia, and Nepal.

She was a participant in the Colors of Freedom Art portfolio which included works by 20 international artists raising funds to support Round Square schools, Free the Children, Classroom Connections, and those effected by 911. As a presenter on world stages, Gagic uses her platform to encourage and promote servitude and art.

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The world needs people to appear from time to time to jolt us into consciousness. Life has gifted us with Patricia Gagic, and she handles this assignment with grace.
—Glenn Morshower (Actor)

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Patricia is an accomplished International Contemporary Artist and Award-Winning Author. Represented by Artworld Fine Art in Toronto, 13th Street Gallery in St. Catharines and FACEC in Cannes, France. Patricia has exhibited with BB International Fine Arts in Switzerland, accepted to Art Fairs in Geneva, Berlin, France, Austria, South Korea, and Zurich. She exhibited at the Coda Gallery in New York and the NY Art Fair. In 1999, Patricia began her studies with Master Artist Dragan Dragic in Savoillan, France culminating in a joint exhibit (2008) in Sault, France.

“Art is the essence of life. In every action we are creating with or without the canvas or chosen tools. Each moment of life is art.” After spending many years questioning, analyzing, and examining my process I am continually amazed at the depth of discovery. The balance between being in the moment and finding the truth is the secret sauce to reveal the wisdom within. Whether I am painting or photographing I believe our intentions reveal the creative spark, a direct current to the conception of creation. I am grateful to shine the light on and honor my mentor Dragan Dragic. When he took me under his wing in 1999, I began to understand the contemplative nature of art. The plethora of ideas churn as I reach deep into the texture and palette.

Art is immortal and when the floodgates of spirituality and neuroplasticity are opened the visions can be delicate and rewarding. The truth about abstract art is in the magic and mystery of form and the elegance of its nature. Time and space require patience when you metabolize your concepts and idea into the work. There is a shadow contained inside each stroke. One rarely sees it, but in the forever changing grid we operate within, the shadow reveals much more than what the eye perceives. This is the destiny of art, revealing something beyond sound, beyond thinking or believing. It is a revelation into the beauty of our forever changing world as we are the witness. Art creates a mirror for others to share a glimpse into tragedy and redemption no matter what form it takes. Perception plays another key role in the underlying value of abstract or contemporary art. If the viewer has an expectation and wishes to judge based on their own values, checks and balances, it might not allow the essence of the work to be understood. Thus, the delicate task of the artist is to engage the spirit of the viewer and offer a collaboration. My hope is to share in the voyage with each canvas as it is my journey alone.

For those who walk along side with me, I can only wish they will see the beauty within themselves.”

– Patricia Karen Gagic

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The Speaker

Patricia has embraced life and all its challenges with humor and logic. She is a groundbreaking, dynamic, funny, loving and an inspirational motivational speaker and mentor. She is the founder of THE KARMIC ART EXPERIENCE changing lives with her wisdom! With an understanding of the complexities of business, life challenges and problems, her wisdom and experience offer timely conversations with delicate and powerful mastery. We all desire to save time, become more effective, make better choices, and feel our accomplishments will make a difference now and in the future.

Patricia shares the value of self-discipline and how to find clarity by understanding the importance of evoking attention in a specific way without judgment thereby resulting in greater wisdom and contentment. Business and personal decisions are often made with the sole intent to gain benefit for oneself. Too often there are obvious “red flags” and we ignore them. Recognizing the conditions surrounding our actions will allow us to view our choices with transparency and revelations.

Learning the valuable techniques shared in these authentic conversations will bring much more happiness and opportunity for success.

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