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Evelyn Adams Aka Yinka


Evelyn Adams aka Yinka was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa.  She lives in Queens, New York.  Yinka, graduated from Long Island University Post with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts after she got her Associate degrees in Liberal Art/Science and Fine Arts from Nassau Community College.


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Evelyn Adams

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By Evelyn Adams Aka Yinka

Evelyn Adams Aka Yinka

Yinka’s passion for art never faded, and after returning to school, she graduated from Nassau Community College with Associate degrees in Liberal Art and Science, 2012 and Fine Arts, 2013. In 2015, she went on to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Long Island University Post.

From pencil sketches of imagined architecture or her ceramic work, the intention behind the lines, shapes, and texture is intentional. Her heritage is displayed in many pieces, blending both cultures that she heralds from.

Yinka uses her art to make an impact on the world and bring awareness to those impacted by cancer. On October 1, 2015, her artwork, “Unite & Fight For A Cure,” was featured in Port Jefferson Times-Herald newspaper as the third-place winner of “Victors of Survival” for the breast cancer month. Yinka has been featured globally, with solo exhibitions for The Faces of Inspirational Women, In Honor of Women’s History Month, and My People, My Culture, and My Birthplace. Many of her art pieces displayed in New York as well as in many international Universities in South Korea.

“Any piece of artwork can elevate one’s soul and be a form of healing.”

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“I expressed myself through the use of acrylic paint to demonstrate African figures with facial expressions. Also, I experiment with new beads as well as textiles and garments used incorporated with the characters on canvas”

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Evelyn Adams Aka Yinka

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