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Monika Bendner


Born in Berlin, Monika Bendner was drawn to art early on and started painting at a young age. She gained experience in landscape and figurative art, and as her love of art expression grew, she broadened her artistic competence by attending private art academies in Munich and Frankfurt, where she took part in a studio project. Impassioned with a love of learning in the arts, she has attended several courses at the BBK in Frankfurt and Kronberg, concentrating on abstract painting and etching. 2014, she finished her correspondence studies with a diploma degree in photographic design.


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Monika Bendner bio

Monika Bendner Media Kit

Monika Bendner 

From painting to etching and drawing, Monika Bendner has traveled the path to creative photography and, in an appealing way, incorporates the style that she has already shaped in other media when working with image processing. The graphic artist can point to a lively exhibition activity: Monika Bendner has regularly exhibited her work nationally and internationally since 1998. In 2016 at the LA Art Show Los Angeles (USA) and the Art Fair Shanghai (China) and with the Galerie Kerstan, Stuttgart, at the Art Expo New York (USA), and the Art Spektrum Miami (USA). With the gallery m beck I Homburg – Saar, Art Karlsruhe (D)

In 2014 Monika Bendner won the international PrijsGemeente Tervuren, Belgium, and in 2017 the art prize 2017 from Kun: st International, Stuttgart, in the area of graphics & digital composing, and in 2020 from Kun: st International, Stuttgart, the title of the price exhibition, Die 4th dimension, the price in the area of graphics & digital composing.

She is represented by galleries at home and abroad and is a clearly visible part of the industry’s graphic art landscape.

Despite a continued fascination for learning and creating in many media forms, Bendner has retained her passion for an objective subject matter. She has recently been more involved in expressing herself through abstract and reduced graphic formatting. Monika Bendner sees her world through different eyes. Her technique consists of abstract, creative photography, combined with painting, foils, light sources, and topics from everyday life to build connection and impact with her viewers.



Monika Bendner Media Kit

“Visually connecting disparate elements and creating a visually stunning image is the hallmark feature of Monika Bendner’s work throughout her metamorphosis. Her collections of impressive, starkly captivating imagery continue to be thought-provoking and stimulate audiences around the world.”

Viviana Puello
Editor-n-Chief – ArtTour International Magazine


“Monika Bendner’s signature style is both eccentric and metaphorically charged, inviting her audience’s imagination to take the lead in this display of light and dark taking shape and sharing that her vision of true freedom is now within reach for anyone who seeks it.”

Tiarra Tompkins
Art Critic



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Monika Bendner

Photo Designer with Diploma


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